Atmano mokshartham jagad hitaya cha | "For one's own salvation, and for the welfare of the world".



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A prayer to you all

Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Manasadwip is offering their relentless service to Ramakrishna's human form since from 1928. The service rendered by the Ashrama as well as the founder of this Ashrama Revered Swami Ishtanandaji towards spreading the light of education to the people of Sagar Island will be remembered forever. We are also providing medical services through our charitable dispensary in a very humble way. The dispensary building has been completely worn-out because of its ordinary construction and age.

Therefore, we are planning to construct a new dispensary building. Presently it will be of ground floor only but provision for another two stories will be there. The total cost will be Rs.35,11,086/- (Rupees thirty-five lakh eleven thousand and eighty-six) only out of which 'Life Insurance Corporation of India-Golden Jubilee Fund' has agreed to provide us a fund of Rs.25,00,000/-. We are now appealing to you for the rest amount of Rs. 10,11,086/- (Rupees ten lakh eleven thousand and eighty-six) only.

You can help us according to your capacity. You can send your donation in cash (upto a limit of Rs.2,000/-), by account payee cheque or by money transfer. If you want to donate online please whatsapp us to 91 95476 66334. All your donations will be exempt u/s 80G.

The Ashrama was founded to spread the light of learning to the people of Sagar Island 91 years ago. The work is still going on. Now, we want to spread our wings to health services and we hope we will receive your help and kind co-operation as we were receiving till date.

Praying to the Holy Trio for Their Divine blessings for you all.

Always Sri Ramakrishna's
Swami Stavapriyananda


Appeal for financial assistance for the construction of Charitable Dispensary (in Bengali)